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djinni999 12-21-2012 12:46 PM

Help solve Prestige Pro Anomaly
I've had a Prestige Pro 600 2nd gen for a while now and recently acquired a second and a third. On closer inspection the third one is different from the others. This one is on the left and a 'normal' Prestige Pro 600 is on the right in the pictures.

The key differences are:

the one on the left resembles a first gen Prestige Pro in it's cosmetic detais except for the red to brown fade which is a signature PP600 quality. The original Prestige Pro is a uniform dark brown.

it also has 117 stamped on the side with the twaron description, near the collar. the PP600 doesn't have this.
also note the lack of any markings, patent no, TK52 etc. on the one on the left. the one on the right, the PP600 secnd gen had its grommets 'transplanted from a Prestige Tour deigned in austria version. but my other PP600, which is near mint and perfectly original, dows not have TK52 anywhere on its CAP, but only the Patent no.

the Prestige Pro in question also has besonders amrshond or whatever on one side, just like the brown euro Prestige 1st gen. the PP600 doesn't have any german on it.

any thoughts?

vsbabolat 12-21-2012 01:46 PM

The one with Besonders Armschoned and no 600 is from 1988 to early 1989 before 600 was put on the racquets. It has the same markings as the Elite Pro and Elektra Pro from 1988.

Also the original Cap System Grommets did not have the part number on them. FYI the OG CAP Systems are TK10.

djinni999 12-22-2012 12:25 AM

thank you.
also, could it be that the earlier 1988 version is a bit lighter?

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