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hmd 01-09-2013 02:03 PM

Is it the racquet or the strings that cause arm pain?
I play with the Wilson pro open and syn gut normally, last night I picked up a friend Head Microgel Radical MP with rpm blast @ 52lb. I got so much more pop and spin on my groundies and would have swapped racquet permanently but after 10 minutes I can feel my sensitive arm saying NO.

Who is the culprit? the rpm strings or the Microgel Radical?

sunof tennis 01-09-2013 02:18 PM

Nothing is impossible, but the Microgel Radical is known for being plush and flexible. More likely the poly strings.

DonBot 01-10-2013 08:04 AM

+1 for the blast more than likely, but hey if you want the extreme spin you have to pay the price....

TennezSport 01-10-2013 09:10 AM

Especially if the Blast was left in the racquet too long. RPM has an approx life span of 4 -8hrs of play depending on the players level. The stronger the player the shorter the life span. Check the tension in the racquet and I can guarantee that the string have lost 16-20lbs from the original ref tension. Poly strings do not have a ery long life span in general, but they are good at what they were designed for.

Cheers, TennezSport :cool:

TennisCJC 01-10-2013 10:30 AM

Try syn gut in your pro open at 50-52 lbs in the mains and SigPro Tornado 17G poly in the cross at -4 lbs below the mains - example: 50/46 lbs. You will get a lot of spin and still have pretty good touch with the softer mains.

hmd 01-10-2013 12:50 PM

Yes the string had been in the racquet for a while 20+ hours of play.

That make me wonder if I should try the Radical without the poly.

jcollura4 01-17-2013 01:25 PM

well, its kinda both, like with poly, after 10 hours you should cut them out because they go dead fast

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