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tennis_anyone 01-20-2013 01:15 AM

FS: Wilson Pro Staff Classic
Selling a Pro Staff Classic (95 sqinch - L3) in nice condition. I would rate it a 8.5/10.
Thanks to giokkk67, I know that it is the very first version of the Pro Staff Classic,the original.
It's got a 16x18 pattern,a braided graphite & kevlar construction and was made in Taiwan.

Great frame with outstanding quality!

The buttcap shows the code SFW. SXX code (with XX variable) identifies made in Taiwan.
Later on Wilson moved the production to China and the SW "6.1" was introduced,but the quality was not the same.

70 (ono) shipped within Europe
Contact me at achim.stiefel |@|

tennis_anyone 03-18-2013 09:32 PM

this racket is now sold

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