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Minion 01-21-2013 01:46 AM

Microgel Prestige Pro or YouTek Prestige Pro?
I need some advise here.

I currently play with the Head YouTek Prestige MP with PHT 17 @54 lbs, and this has been my favourite racquet of all time. I love everything about it - the weight, the feel, the stability, the brutal unforgiveness when I don't move my feet, and the sweet Prestige reward when i do:)

Anyway, I recently discovered that my game might benefit from a 16x19 string pattern, giving me just a little more spin and power. So, i'm looking at either the Microgel Prestige Pro, or the YouTek Prestige Pro. I'm not really keen on the IG model though. I have the YouTek IG Prestige MP as well, but it doesn't feel even remotely like the YouTek version. I feals "dead" or muted, or i don't know, but it doesn't feel like a Head racquet to me.

I have never hit with the YouTek PP or the Microgel PP, and was hoping someone could shed some light for me here. Any insights would be appreciated:)

NLBwell 01-21-2013 02:59 AM

Microgel is less stiff and more comfortable.

Minion 01-21-2013 03:06 AM

Thanks, yes, i saw both my current stick (Prestige MP) and the Microgel PP has a flex of 63. That might make the transition easier? How does the Microgel PP feel in comparison to the YouTek model?

Chace 01-21-2013 08:55 AM

I agree with NLB The microgel was more comfortable. The youtek had a brassy feel to it.

sm01 01-21-2013 06:45 PM

Ditto. I play the MGPP. I have extensively tested the YTPP also but prefer to stay with the MGPP but only because it is my personal preference as it is slightly softer. That said, I have strung my MGPPs on occasion with crisper strings so as to feel much like the YT. So if you like a crisper feel maybe go YTPP, if you like softer, go MGPP.

Something else to consider, if you upweight (highly highly highly recommended) and do so in the handle, you can easily customize the feel. I like the racquet at about 12.2 oz strung with the original balance. If I upweight the handle with lead tape strips under the grip I get one feel--more crisp. If I upweight by packing with cotton on the inside of the handle, then lead strips under the grip, I get a less crisp feel. If I add blue tack putty in the handle I get another feel. If I use white 3m tacky putty, I get still another feel. If I push a McDonalds straw through the putty in the handle and remove some, and then replace that weight with lead under the grip I get another feel.

So there is a lot you can do for feel if you want to go to the trouble and/or like to experiment. I find that a combo of the white tacky putty in the handle with lead tape usually makes the porridge about right.

Minion 01-21-2013 08:36 PM

Thanks for the info:) My current Youtek Prestige MP weighs in at 12.3 oz, strung with PHT 17 @54lbs, but i found that i prefer the PHT 16 @56lbs for the 16x19 pattern. i will definitely give the MGPP a try, thanks.

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