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PointConstructor 01-25-2013 10:35 PM

TW Please Help: Are my IG prestige grommets the problem?????
Hey Chris and TW friends,
I have been having a torrid time with my IGPMP.
The problem is this racquet does not have any pop and torsional stability especially when I am trying to hit with spin.It has a small sweetspot and has given me arm problems.
I have tried sonic pro 17 twice in low 50s and it killed my arm.
Tried RIP Control 17 at 52 lbs for comfort(did not use a dampner) and noticed while it brought decent pop(not much,didnt expect either.),hitting with spin would still twist the racquet in my hand. Sweetspot was also nothing special.
But as soon as I put a dampner in the strings the stringed becomes dead and stiff suddenly.I have never notice such stark contrast in playability with use of a dampner in any racquet before.What may be causing it?
The thing is unlikely to be a fake one as I got them from authorized HEAD India dealer.
Could it be because my grommets may be defective and are not allowing the strings to slide over one another?
Should I change to black ones?
How do I figure out the problem and rectify it?Is there a way out or should I dump it altogether.
I do not want to give up on the racquet as I love the easy swing,ease with which I can hit 1HBH,the way it makes you want to play aggressively and.... oh I forgot.... the money it cost me(:wink:).
I can feel that there is something missing with the racquet as I have played with a few heavier player's racquets and can notice the difference.
Please help............
My apologies for such a long letter.
Suggestions from other experts(vsbab,dr325i et al.) are very welcome.

Circa 1762 01-25-2013 10:53 PM

You may get more detailed advice from other posters, but I think the general consensus (both from personal experience and what I've read on the boards) is that Prestige MPs (even the IGs) really benefit from some extra weight in the head. If you're having torsional stability problems, adding lead tape at 3/9 will increase twistweight and should have the added benefit of widening the sweetspot. The IG MPs have surprisingly low swingweight (my demo came in at 308 SW), so lead tape at 3/9 and/or 12 will also get you up to a more typical modern swingweight.

Just for reference, I'm around a 4.5 and found the previous version of the Prestige MP to be very difficult to play with stock - I have mine leaded up to about 335 SW. My younger brother plays college tennis and used to hit the YT Prestige MP stock because he didn't want to mess around with lead, but he eventually switched rackets because he was starting to get arm problems.

PointConstructor 01-26-2013 11:45 PM

Thanks Circa,
But guys I need more help.Where are u all?????Please!!!!
I have tried 4 gms of lead at 3 & 9 but not much benefit.

ProRadTour 01-30-2013 10:16 PM

If you are after torsional stability IGPMP my favorite setup comprises of a leather grip, over grip, rubber band dampener and 10 grams of lead at 3 & 9 (2 layers 5 inch strips). Balance is maintained as most leather grips will add 10 grams of weight to the handle.

Play with the above setup and if you still need some added power or want to raise the sweet spot slightly remove some weight from 3 & 9 and add some weight at 12.

If i remember correctly the setup should raise the swing weight to mid to high 330's and static weight should be around 355-360 grams depending on strings and dampener.

Also strings and tension are important. I really enjoyed a gut/poly hybrid in this frame strung at 53/51.

TW Staff 02-05-2013 12:59 PM

I would try adding some lead tape at 10 and 2, a leather grip and maybe some additional lead under the grip. String it low, don't be afraid to drop down to 46-48lbs range. A more powerful co-poly like Volkl Cyclone Tour will juice it up some.

Hope that helps.
Chris, TW.

PointConstructor 02-05-2013 07:46 PM

Dear Mr. Edwards
Big Thanks.How much lead would you advise at 2&10 and under the grip?I am thinking 4 gms in the hoop and 5-6 in it fine?
Thanks to reading a lot of TW stuff I have got your favorite Cyclone 17 and 18.I have also got V-Maxx,how is that string?
And just to put my mind at rest and eleminate one more variable I am also thinking of changing the grommets.Should I go with it?
I love TW and the whole crew.

TW Staff 02-06-2013 01:42 PM

Sounds like a good place to start. You aren't going to know until you try. I recommend using duct tape or something to hold the lead on so you don't have to remove the adhesive backing. That way you can move the tape around, add more, remove some and fine tune on the fly while you are hitting. Once you have a several sessions with everything feeling good, you can then remove the backing and stick the lead tape down using its adhesive.

Chris, TW

NLBwell 02-06-2013 07:14 PM

See if you can get a hold of another IG Prestige MP and hit with that and see if it feels the same or if there is a problem with your particular racket.
Maybe the place you got it has a demo or knows someone or somewhere you could hit with one for 5 minutes or so for a direct comparison.
The Prestige does have a lower swingweight than most players rackets.

PointConstructor 02-06-2013 09:06 PM


Originally Posted by NLBwell (Post 7196977)
See if you can get a hold of another IG Prestige MP and hit with that and see if it feels the same or if there is a problem with your particular racket.

That would actually be the most logical way to go about it.But unfortunately I do not have access to another IGPMP in my locality.I have a brand new PMP lying with me as I bought 2 of them,but cant take the chance to unpack it.I will keep trying the existing one by tinkering with grommet replacement,lead placement etc and if all fail then I have the option to sell of the packed one.
Meanwhile also will keep looking for hitting with someone's IGPMP if I get hold of it.
Thanks guys for all your support.

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