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Squidward 01-26-2013 05:38 AM

Slazenger V98 Team Customized
The British Twin to the Dunlop M3.0 arrived yesterday for surgury and a test drive. Here we go....

The sticks arrived form the UK (Thanks Tel!!) Spot on with the MFG's listed specs. A little too light for my liking.... but not for long.

First, the specs are the same for both racquets. Giving me the opportunity to customize to my own individual taste.

The V98's are painted in an "Flat White and Flourescent Orange" trim. Lose the orange, and the stick would look perfect. The white grip is average at best and not to my liking. So, It had to go...

At 10.8 oz strung and 2 points headlight I began the quest. I added a Grip sleeve to my 4 3/8 handle along with a new Black Slazenger cushion grip. This along with a little silicone added made for the uniform weight that I prefer in the grip.

Overall weight was brought to 11.8 and a 6pt HL balance in both racquets... Right in my wheelhouse.

They came strung with a Co Poly labeled SZR VTour 16. So rather than cut them out, I decided I'll give'm a try.


My usual 8.0 mixed will be a perfect place to try my new sticks out...

Review to follow

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