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o0lunatik 02-11-2013 07:33 AM

Amplifeel 360 = basalt extended shaft w/ silicon
Maybe this has been discussed before, but I recently came across an intriguing find. I recently purchased two Wilson Steam 99 (16x18) racquets. I normally play with racquets of 27.25" in length and slightly under 12 oz and some silicon for additional dampening, so I started to customize the two racquets according to the specs that I like. I removed the buttcap and added 1/4" of bolsa wood to extend the length of my racquets, and lo and behold, there were some silicon already in the middle of the inner handle of each of my racquets.

I had played with the Steam 99S prior to my purchase and did really like the dampened feel of the Amplifeel 360 which lead me to the Steam 99 (reg) for a tighter string pattern. But after some thoughts, I am wondering if the Amplifeel tech is nothing more than an idea taken from previous customizers and racquet makers who had already used silicon in their handles. I am pretty sure that the extended basalt handle plays some part in the whole feel of the racquet, so some credit there to Wilson.

syke 02-11-2013 08:07 AM

Ohhhh... So there's silicon in the handle. No wonder they feel so plush...
I feel cheated by the Amplifeel 360... But it's all good.

Say Chi Sin Lo 02-11-2013 08:10 AM

The mere suggestion that some "technology" is marketing BS? No, that can't be, not in the "Racquets" section.

corners 02-11-2013 12:14 PM

Here is John Lyons from Wilson describing Ampifeel 360:

Doesn't mention silicone but does say the handle has been reinforced with carbon and basalt to make it stiffer.

o0lunatik 02-11-2013 02:45 PM

Thanks sharing. I believe I've watched every video out there regarding the steam line of racquets and no silicone was mentioned. I should have taken a picture of it before I put everything back together but was determined just to finish my customization. But overall Wilson has done a great job with the amplifeel handle with extending the frame material into the handle and if silicone does the job, great for amplifeel owners.

Lilguy1456 02-11-2013 02:48 PM


Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo (Post 7206674)
The mere suggestion that some "technology" is marketing BS? No, that can't be, not in the "Racquets" section.



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