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SystemicAnomaly 02-15-2013 04:56 AM

Lleyton Hewitt: doubles specialist?
If Lleyton, currently out of the top 100 again in singles, ever decides to retire, I would hope that he continues in doubs. Lleyton and fellow Aussie, Marinko Matosevic, put in a great performance last night at the SAP Open against the #1 doubles team (the Bryans, of course). Not going to give away the outcome just yet -- but it did involve 2 tie-breakers.

Had never seen Lleyton play doubles before but apparently he has done quite well in Davis Cup. His doubles record in Davis Cup play, 13-3, is better than his singles record, 39-13. I believe that some of those DC doubles matches were played with Marinko as a partner.

It seems that he played a fair amount of grand slam doubs in the first 3 years in his career, winning the USO in 2000. He played a little bit last year, losing in the 3rd round at Wimbledon and getting to the QF in mixed at the Olympics. Lleyton appears to be a very smart/crafty doubles player. Good deception, quick hands and excellent placement and touch. Hope to see more of his doubles play in the future.

SystemicAnomaly 02-15-2013 05:20 AM

Forgot to mention that Lleyton also had a good singles battle with Sam Querry earlier in the afternoon yesterday. Sam is looking good & serving large -- nearly as big as Milos Raonic, who put that serve on display last night.

Don't want to sidetrack my own thread tho' -- this is about Lleyton, the doubles player.

FedError 02-15-2013 06:05 AM

His main doubles partner is Chris Guccione, but he's had many different partners over the years, including Federer, Nadal, Murray, Roddick, Rafter and even Agassi.

SystemicAnomaly 02-15-2013 10:30 AM


Originally Posted by ******** (Post 7215572)
His main doubles partner is Chris Guccione, but he's had many different partners over the years, including Federer, Nadal, Murray, Roddick, Rafter and even Agassi.

Yeah Chris G is the partner he had for Wimbledon last year. Probably for AO 2012 as well. I guess Lleyton hooked up with Marinko Matosevic for Davis Cup play. Any idea when that DC partnership started up? They should consider playing together more seeing how well they did against the Bryans.

FedError 02-15-2013 11:20 PM

He's always played with Guccione for Davis Cup in recent years, this pairing with Matosevic is the first as far as I'm aware.

He could possibly stick around in doubles whenever he feels he no longer has any business on a singles court. At the Olympics last year he was actually disappointed to receive a singles wildcard rather than a doubles wildcard.

westside 02-15-2013 11:32 PM

Hewitt has always been a great doubles player, and still is one of the best volleyers on the tour. No doubt if he played with fellow Australian, and doubles specialist, Paul Hanley a lot more he would be an even greater threat in the big tournaments.

tata 02-16-2013 01:19 AM

I actually watched Hewitt and The Gucc live when Fed and Stan came down to Sydney for the Davis Cup tie on grass. They ended beating Fed and Stan. But I think Hewitt's volleys is a very underrated shot. His style is a baseline counter puncher but he plays the volley very well. I'm pretty sure he had really good numbers at net when he played Janko at AO. It may not be that surprising that he won a Wimby title.

SystemicAnomaly 02-16-2013 04:59 AM

Spoiler alert (select/highlight area below to view)...

In case you hadn't already guessed, Lleyton and Marinko prevailed over the Bryan bros in the QF at the SAP Open this week. They also beat Istomin & Elgin in the SF to earn a berth in the finals on Sunday.

mariecon 02-16-2013 07:01 AM


Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly (Post 7217727)
Spoiler alert (select/highlight area below to view)...

How did you do that? So cool.

edit: oh now I see. You changed the colour to white. Very good.

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