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Gonzalito17 02-17-2013 10:15 AM

Harkleroad is shining w/ her TV commentary
I am enjoying her work for Tennis Channel, she is bright, funny, witty, has a nice laugh, interacts well with Brett Haber, gives good insights. Very nice voice. She is doing a very good job for just her first few matches on the job.

I liked how she asked Haber to go into details about what happened with the Williams/Indian Wells incident as it was before her time, and rarely do commentators touch that hot potato.

She also talks about her previous matches against current players, singles and doubles. Very enjoyable to listen to.

Haber played fun with her when he mentioned the LA exo and Fish, Haas, Djok, Bryans will play it and suggested Harkleroad might be able to get some tickets from some of the people playing, instead of buying them which she said she was going to do. Which she laughed at as it was rumored she had dated Haas and Fish : ) She took it in stride like a champ.

But I give a solid A to Harkleroad's TV commentary, very well done and a pleasure to listen to.

slowfox 02-17-2013 12:31 PM

Where's the obligatory pinup pic?

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