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Ess 02-18-2013 05:56 AM

Racquet Company Health
I recently demoed racquets from Volkl and Donnay, and could go either direction, but am wondering if there is any evidence to suggest these companies are anywhere near collapse? I did a search and found threads that mentioned Volkl had, at one point, been in a bad state, and it seems like Donnay is not as strong as it once was. I suppose I am wondering if any knowledgeable TT users know anything on the subject. Would you speculate that they will be around providing support/products for a while? Thanks!

Torres 02-18-2013 06:11 AM

I think you're worryingly unnecessarily. If you really like the racquet, just buy it. Racquets last for ages. There are people still playing with racquets from 5, 10 or even 15 years ago. The only difficulty there might be in future if you were to need replacement grommets, but that's no reason not to buy a racquet you really like just because you think the parts supply chain might not exist in 5 or 10 years time. I would never buy a mainstream racquet I didn't like over one I did like just because parts are more likely to be available in future.

ollinger 02-18-2013 06:19 AM

^ exactly. Grommets are cheap so stock up when you buy the racquets. And even if the company folds, retail suppliers like TW still will have inventory of both racquets and grommets to dispose of.

Relinquis 02-18-2013 06:23 AM

doubt that it would matter either way... if you are really worried buy and extra set of grommets/bumper guard in case you need to replace them in 5-10 years... assuming you still like playing with the same stick then...

High street sw19 02-18-2013 08:46 PM

Ess, I think caution would be good, as both of the brands you mention are now just paying a license fee to the brand owners. Volkl and Donnay here in Europe are pretty much done and seen as US only brands. I was in Germany last week and my friend who owns a indoor club will not touch either of them, it's Head all the way.

Tamiya 02-19-2013 12:12 AM

so... anyone actively avoiding "P" since they went into administration?

High street sw19 02-19-2013 01:23 AM


Originally Posted by Tamiya (Post 7223802)
so... anyone actively avoiding "P" since they went into administration?

Totally different situation, Prince is Prince, not a third party supplier like Donnay and Volkl.

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