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chollyred 02-21-2013 06:59 AM

Any HVAC guys here?
Just got four estimates to replace a worn out 16 year old heat pump. All of the work activities were the same, and the specs for the equipment were the same (all 15 SEER with multi-speed air handlers). The four units quoted were:

Amana - the least expensive, but includes a lifetime warranty on the compressor, 10 years on coil
Heil - next in price with 10 years on compressor and 10 years on coil
Ruud - 2nd highest with 5 years on compressor and coil (can extend to 10 years)
Trane - by far the higest price with 10 years on compressor and coil

The difference between high and low estimates is $1000.

My question for any professionals is whether the difference in equipment is worth the difference in price?

I also know that competency of the installer is paramount.

Customer reviews online are nearly worthless as they are all either the greatest things since sliced bread or not worthy of the metal they're made of.

Tammo 02-21-2013 07:09 AM

Definantely Ruud /thread

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