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kopfan 02-24-2013 10:27 PM

Tecnifibre Pro ATP Bag Size
15 pack listed as H30" x W13" x D13" and 10 pack listed as L30" x H12" x W13".
The monster are just 1 inch larger by the height only? Both bag are relatively having the same dimension:?:

TW Staff 02-25-2013 07:35 AM


Unfortunately, we don't have the 15 pack in stock at the moment, as I went to grab it to measure it, BUT we do have the 10 pack, and those dimensions are correct and we all remember the 15 pack being significantly bigger than the 10 pack! So, a definite typo on our side, my apologies. As soon as we get a 15 pack back in stock, I'll definitely go re-measure and let you know the specs and make the correction on our site.

Michelle, TW

nyc 02-26-2013 09:29 AM

The 15 Pack is listed at the Tecnifibre website as 79cm x 33cm x 42cm (31" x 13" x 16.5") vs the 34cm (13") width of the 10 Pack.

3.5" more on the 15, but I find the 10 Pack to be perfect size.

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