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justinmadison 03-26-2013 02:42 AM

Do you Plan to change your Policy list?

Originally Posted by Soianka (Post 7291151)
In that vein, that Taylor Townsend sure played well to beat Lucie Hradecka at Indian Wells.

That's a nice start for Taylor.

She might be the first of the young group to win a slam or big tournament.

Question for the moderators: Is this a violation of the new policy stating we cannot mention the names of junior tennis players? She is 16 and definitely a junior. She is also a pro player and could be spoken about in the “General Professional Player” section. Do you plan to update your policies section to make sure everyone knows the rule?

Looking back most of the (offensive) discussions in the junior forum were about junior players playing professional tournaments.

TW Staff 03-26-2013 07:44 AM

Teens who have gone pro may be discussed. However, juniors who are not "pro" cannot be named. In this case, these players would be discussed in the General Pro Player section as well.

Talk Tennis Admin.

justinmadison 03-26-2013 11:14 AM

I understand it is your forum and you can do what you wish but I am puzzled by what you are accomplishing by closing the junior forum.

The offensive threads in the forum were about juniors who have “turned pro”. In fact the discussions raging when you closed the forum were about the futures tournaments in CA. According to your reply those offensive threads can now continue in the General Pro Player section and the remaining junior section threads can continue in the Tips and Instructions section.

If you felt the need to segregate the threads I would have suggested you make a rule that no references can be made to players in the Junior Section. Any discussion of “pro” players, junior or otherwise, must happen in the General Pro Player section. From my point of view a stern warning and this directive would have solved the problem without having to resort to sudden closure.

Obviously, you do not have to explain your actions but I think I speak for the group when I say we hope you will reconsider.

TW Staff 03-26-2013 11:33 AM

No offensive threads are allowed, and the problem threads/posts were not about juniors who had turned pro. Any offensive threads, regardless of topic, are removed.

Talk Tennis Admin

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