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J011yroger 03-31-2013 05:42 PM

Basalt Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
"Oh, so you are not dead then?" The normally taciturn councillor mocked his imperious friend. "Where have you been Skywalker? You do understand that the matters of The Republic cannot be put on hold at your convenience don't you?"

The battered and burned form of Jollikin Skywalker stared back unamused, his normal excess of mirth and joviallity long since evaporated. "We were betrayed, my vox communication lines were severed, and my access to the data banks revoked. It was one of the Judicators, the supposedly impartial arbiters of justice within the galaxy. There are enemies of The Republic lurking in every shadow. We had no other alternative than to form a rogue splinter to complete the mission."

The councillor arched his eyebrow curiously before continuing. "You realize that you have made many people uncomfortable with this stunt of yours, and though you draw most of the fire, your friends are being looked upon unkindly by those in power."

Undaunted, Jollikin defended himself. "You know that I am loyal to The Republic above all, lurking in shadows, maneuvering and sniping from safety are not my strong suit. I am a man of action, not one for political machinations. No true ally of The Republic would question my actions."

"Your actions, no." The councillor conceded, "It is your methods which we feel could do with a bit more. . . polishing. But that is a task for the future, I assume you have a story to tell, so let's hear it."


stringertom 03-31-2013 05:47 PM

That which does not kill you only makes you stronger! J011y on, Skywalker!

Seth 03-31-2013 05:53 PM

This is why I love TT.

J011yroger 03-31-2013 05:53 PM

'Confound it! I've been blocked!' the sudden realization hit me.

Communications to the Galactic senate severed, I was going to have to seek out assistance. As much as my reputation as a lone wolf, or loose cannon preceded me, this was not the time for rash actions.

Quickly I powered up my portable com-device, and began to send out encrypted messages to my closest allies, those who I knew could be trusted above all.

I along with Denni-Wan Kenobi, Pickle3P0, and The Immortal would form a rogue splinter, and jouney to the Lauderdale system where we would regroup, and formulate a plan to spy and report on the forces battling at the Sony confrontation. We would also bring sufficient weaponry to engage and dispose of any enemies of The Republic who were fool enough to reveal themselves in our presence.

Joel-Joel Binks and Ali2D2 would stay behind, and monitor activities in the Senate, while rooting out enemies of The Republic within the political staging grounds.


J011yroger 03-31-2013 06:06 PM

Preparations had to be made with haste, and choosing supplies was no easy matter.

I had to pack light, any cargo canister of over 50lb would be subject to a tariff of 50 Imperial Credits. Since this was a mission of both reconnaissance and assault, I would need weaponry and battle gear, as well as a variety of disguises to fit in with the local populace.

I was fearful that my cargo canister would be seized, or lost in the transit to the Lauderdale system, especially since I was blacklisted. With this in mind I was hesitant to bring my most prized battle gear, and had to exercise restraint and judgement.

I brought no ammunition with me, confidant that I could procure any needed munitions on the trade market upon our arrival. My lightsabers however, were irreplaceable, and though it pained me to place them in my cargo canister I knew that bringing them aboard the transport ship would draw too much attention to me. I would keep my surveillance equipment, com devices, and other electronic devices in my personal satchel.


J011yroger 03-31-2013 06:09 PM


maverick66 03-31-2013 06:10 PM

why am I looking at jollys laundry?

J011yroger 03-31-2013 06:21 PM

We would take three separate transport ships that should one of ours be shot down or otherwise compromised, the rest of the cell could complete the mission. Pickle, Dennis, and The Immortal would leave from the JFK starport, while to divert attention from watchful eyes, I would leave from the LaGuardia starport.

Pickle and Dennis would travel together in the hopes that the calming influence of Pickle might temper the ever combustible Dennis. The calming mantra of "Easy Dennis." had averted many an altercation in the past. Also the blustery gung-ho nature of Dennis would pull the still too timid young Pickle through any potential roadblocks.

The Immortal, an elite knight, and the epitome of self sufficience needed no escort, and sure as the sun rising would be at the rendezvous point.


J011yroger 03-31-2013 06:22 PM


Originally Posted by maverick66 (Post 7317720)
why am I looking at jollys laundry?

Don't worry, it starts out a little slow, but gets better.


J011yroger 03-31-2013 06:34 PM

I handed over my documentation and credentials, the picture of calm as I knew that all of my papers were in order.

As a seasoned veteran of interstellar travel, I knew exactly what must be done to avoid suspicion and the drawing of attention to myself. I breezed through all of the security checkpoints to arrive at the final obstacle to my boarding.

A man of great stature and girth stood before me, the bright lights of the starport gleaming off of the silvery badge proclaiming his authority. His stern visage made it obvious that even my abundant charisma would be of no use in deterring him from his task.

He directed me to a cordoned off section of the starport as he donned his blue gauntlets. I remained calm, knowing that my only chance lay in playing along until the critical moment.

I made no fuss as I was lead behind the walled off partition, knowing that I held the advantage in this confrontation.

Calling upon my Jedi mind-trick, I spoke clearly imprinting the thought within his mind. "You will not grope my nether-regions."

Befuddled, the Guard stood motionless as I quickly re-fastened my pants, and made haste to the conveyor in order to reclaim my com devices and surveillance equipment.


J011yroger 03-31-2013 06:40 PM

***Side Note***

The updated Delta terminal at LaGuardia is now SUPER nice.

Each gate has like 20-30 iPads for people to use while waiting for their flight. All the restaurants, wine bars, and cafes/bistros are exceedingly nice.

Two Basalt thumbs up from me.


TopFH 03-31-2013 08:09 PM


Originally Posted by J011yroger (Post 7317772)
I made no fuss as I was lead behind the walled off partition, knowing that I held the advantage in this confrontation.

Calling upon my Jedi mind-trick, I spoke clearly imprinting the thought within his mind. "You will not grope my nether-regions."

You are hilarious! BTW, great story so far, man.

J011yroger 04-01-2013 03:14 AM

The persistent bitter cold which was threatening to make my home system uninhabitable had generated a large number of refugees, many of whom were of the attractive female variety.

Despite the excitement coursing through my veins, I managed to maintain my perpetually calm demeanor, waiting for the transport ship to arrive at the star-dock.

I maintained focus and remained calm as the other passengers eyes were drawn to me, my fabulous pink shirt, and luxurious sweatshirt drawing admiration from those hailing from all classes of society. Being incognito was never my specialty, but fortunately the skills of the others would make up for my shortcomings in the times when stealth was required.

I boarded the transport, and strapped myself in tightly. The others on the star-ship seemed blissfully unaware that we could be attacked by saboteurs at any moment. I envied them slightly as I watched them sending messages on their portable com-devices, seeing a vision of the life that could have been mine had I not decided to use my force abilities for the good of The Republic, and lead a life of battle and excitement.

The row in front of me was occupied by members of a strange alien race, two elders, and five of their unruly offspring. I had come to know their type, for they infested my home system, and had spread across the galaxy. The alien offspring must have freakishly high metabolism I noted as they appeared to require constant sustenance, not a minute could pass without the elders forcing some sort of carbohydrate laden pellet down the children's throats.

I wondered quietly what they were training for, perpetually focused on their portable electronic devices, possibly training to launch an electronic attack on the Senate.

The members of the alien race were equipped with powerful vocal transmitters, often eclipsing a human's maximum volume to communicate with another of their entourage mere feet away. I wondered if their auditory receptors were not as advanced as a human's necessitating the obnoxious communications.

The alien offspring were not content to solely concentrate on their electronic training, seeing the interior of the transport as an opportunity to acclimate to the gravitational conditions of this galaxy. They jumped and climbed about the transport, unleashing shrill sonic blasts from their vocal transmitters.

I reached unconsciously to my side, only to remember that I was forced to stow my lightsaber in the cargo hold. The point was coming where I would be forced to action, and without my lightsaber I would have to engage them in hand to hand combat.

As I unbuckled my harness, and searched for something I could use as an improvised weapon, the voices of my trainers came into my mind, the lessons they tried to impart upon me as a youth "Calm yourself Jollikin, diplomacy is a weapon just as useful as any death-ray."

I strapped myself in once more to the harness. I would let the aliens live. . . for now.


J011yroger 04-01-2013 03:21 AM

As we prepared to blast off from the star-dock I acclimated myself to the travelers on either side of me.

To my right, a female who was obviously a veteran of many battles though still quite attractive. She was bionically enhanced, and adorned with all manner of precious metals. The war-paint markings upon her face made her intentions clear to all, despite the polite facade she presented to the public. Though she was polite to me, and paid no extra attention, I knew that she could sense that I was a man of action, and was intrigued by me. If need be I knew I could lure her into furthering my cause, but I chose not to partake in her assistance, leaving her to read the manual which was innocently dubbed "Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office."


J011yroger 04-01-2013 03:24 AM


stringertom 04-01-2013 03:47 AM

I can now envision a young J011y encamped many nights in the queues for most if not all the Lucasian cinema experiences!

J011yroger 04-01-2013 07:43 AM

I made certain to completely study the passenger to my right's bionically enhanced orbs (for science of course) and came to the conclusion that they were to aid in some sort of mind controlling, or distracting ploy as for the duration of my journey I kept finding my gaze drawn to them.

If not for my rigorous training, and inherent mettle, I might have fallen victim.

This would be a mission fraught with peril.

Danger lurked at every turn.


rdis10093 04-01-2013 03:51 PM

"bionically enhanced" haha

J011yroger 04-01-2013 04:18 PM

The passenger to my left was a much younger specimen, quite obviously caught up in her own visions of life, and disgusted with most of the world around her. I cordially moved aside that she may claim her seat, acknowledging her presence with a polite smile, and nod.

She was reviled by the presence of the aliens in front of us, and after stowing her belongings, she closed the window shade, sent out a message on her com device, and curled up on her seat, leaning against my shoulder as she sought to enter a dreamland far from the harsh realities of the world in which we lived.

Rest did not find her easily, and she stirred trying to get comfortable, often woken by the squaks of the alien offspring nearby. She often tinkered with her com device, playing the music of her homeworld in order to put her tortured psyche at ease.

About an hour into the journey she spoke to me, noting the ancient codex from which I read to pass the time. "Do you mind if I ask what you are reading?" she queried politely.

I quickly hid my surprise that she would recognize an artifact such as the one I held as in this era books crafted from paper were but a distant memory. I smiled politely, but not falsely as I truly was glad to speak to her for something told me that this one was wise beyond her years. Closing the codex in order to show her the title "Atlas Shrugged" I silently answered her query. She then informed me that she had started to read "The Fountainhead" but had found it to be a struggle. I discussed "The Fountainhead" with her for several minutes and then our conversation drifted to various other topics. It was a thoroughly enjoyable conversation, as she turned out to be quite the intellectual. The travel time passed quickly, as time tends to do when engaged in conversation with a smart, and beautiful lass. I had allowed my guard to slip, as I had thought the journey would be calm an uneventful, but our conversation was cut short as an alarm sounded through the cabin...


J011yroger 04-02-2013 02:32 AM

The alarm echoed though the cabin, and the com speaker crackled to life broadcasting the Captain's voice to all passengers. He implored all passengers in his trust to buckle themselves into their harnesses, and brace for impending turbulence.

His announcement didn't phase me; as a veteran of many missions I had been shot down more often than I had landed and a few bumps along the way were surely of no concern. I surveyed the cabin as a matter of course, and noticed that the girl to my left had turned a whiter shade of pale at the announcement. She wrenched her harness down to the point of restricting blood flow, and informed me that she was terribly afraid of turbulence.

I knew that it would not be wise to mention the five Aurek-class tactical strikefighters which had been tailing us since our departure, and instead offered my hand in support.

She took my hand, and my calming influence spread over her, easing her fears about perishing in a fiery wreck of twisted scrap metal. Once we passed the bowshock of the Lauderdale system, the flight smoothed out, and we were able to dock at the starport with minimal fanfare.

I powered up my portable com device as I flexed my left hand to speed up the return of the blood which was crushed out of it by the frightened girl; my eyes went wide as my com device illuminated indicating several urgent encrypted messages from Denni-Wan and Pickle3P0.

All was not well...


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