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kimguroo 04-18-2013 10:57 AM

Reissued prostaff 85 Grommet/bumper guard?
Do you have Reissued prostaff 85 Grommet/bumper guard?
I just received pro staff 85 yesterday and I usually put bumper guard tape but somewhat reason bumper guard tape does not stick to the racket :confused:
I might need some bumper guard/grommet but can't find it from website.
Let me know thanks.

TW Staff 04-18-2013 11:20 AM


Yes, we do have grommets for the Wilson Pro Staff 85. We are currently sold out and will be getting some more in at the end of June.

Brittany, TW

v-verb 04-18-2013 12:19 PM

hi Brittany

would those grommets also work for the St Vincent Pro Staffs?


TW Staff 04-18-2013 12:30 PM


No, the grommets do not fit the St. Vincent. You would have to cut them to get them to fit.

Brittany, TW

v-verb 04-23-2013 07:54 PM

Thanks Brittany!

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