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IA-SteveB 06-06-2013 07:14 AM

First tourney of the summer
I am really looking forward to my first USTA tournament of the year this weekend. I am playing mixed 7.0 combo and 3.5 singles. I haven't played singles in almost a year due to lung problems, so I am hoping my preparation for this one will pay off a little bit. Due to things out of our control, we can't all be sublime specimens like TTMR, unfortunately.

My mixed partner and I play well together but we had a lot of tough matches during the winter season. We didn't win any matches but we always played well. We are both 3.5 players and it seems like we got matched up against a lot of 4.0 guy 3.0 girl combos. Anyway, I play mixed for the fun of it if anything. Yes, I like to win but it isn't everything.

Singles will be a real test for me this time. The last time I played in July of 2012, I struggled mightily because of sickness and ended up 4-6 0-6 because I just couldn't breathe. I am out for redemption in this tournament. There are a few guys in the draw that I play with in club league doubles. I am hoping to draw one of them and have a good showing. I think I am ready but I just won't know until I get moving around on the court. I am a very fast and agile player, but my lung problem can quickly put a damper on that. I could never recover between points and it killed my serve. I am a bit nervous because I haven't had an opportunity to test myself in singles at all this year.

Good luck to the rest of you playing in any tourneys this weekend. I am excited to see my best friend play in open. He is a great player and I hope he does well.

Govnor 06-06-2013 07:19 AM

Good luck to you!! Hopefully your lungs hold up.

I don't have a tourny, but have a match against a "not very popular" player to win a league I'm in. Hopefully we both triumph!

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