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RockChalkOhio 06-29-2013 11:55 AM

Etiquette Question
Hello, I started up playing 6 months ago and have progressed rapidly, thanks in no small part to this forum (I lurk). Anyway, I began playing with 3.0 dudes in the winter and this season started playing in two 3.5 singles leagues. I haven't lost yet and am mowing these guys down consistently losing only 0-3 games per set. Today I pounded some poor guy 22 games to none in 1:15 and neither one of us enjoyed it.

I didn't intentionally sandbag so I could win...I just didn't really know where I belonged, rating-wise.

So there's another month to go in these I ******* these guys off? Should I take some games off, give away points? Should I extricate myself from the leagues? Anyone faced this situation?

For sure next season I will play in 4.0 leagues.

Topspin Shot 06-29-2013 11:58 AM

Well, first off, that's really impressive, moving from hitting with 3.0s to destroying 3.5s. I would continue with the leagues since it's only another month and not go easy at all. I would then find some 4.0s to hit with and enter a 4.0 league.

LeeD 06-29-2013 12:09 PM

Very impressive, keep up the progress and good work.
As said, was the best advice. Seek 4.0 level players to hit and then play against, bring balls, be polite win or lose.

Lukhas 06-29-2013 12:13 PM

Well, you can do it Federer style: play, and when you are at the end of the set like 4-3 or 4-4 you break and serve for the set thereafter. But it can also be disrespectful not to go at full power and "going easy" on your opponent (Nadal style).

Hitting with +4.0 guys may be the next step on your progression.

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