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Anonymous 05-17-2004 01:00 PM

Crank vs Electric, PLease help
What would you guys buy? a crank (Alpha Blu-DC) or an electric model at a similar price (Silent Partner e.Stringer FL or DG, or Gamma Electric and a floor stand)?

Dave, I believe i read that you use a SP DG, how is it? would you recomend it?


David Pavlich 05-17-2004 06:27 PM

My DG is sitting in my living room for those overflow days. I have the Aria in my store. The DG did about 800 frames before it was moved to the living room. Good machine...especially for the money. I changed the clamps to the Aria clamps which are a substantial improvement over the standard DG clamps.

The DG is a true constant pull machine. It's a rotary head with a split drum string clamp. It works well, but it's not as good as the Aria which has a rotary head but it has a linear gripper integrated into the head. For the money, the DG is very good. Again, if you decide on the DG, get the Aria clamps.

Anonymous 05-18-2004 04:30 AM

What do you think of the FL?
Does the DG have any cons?
How is the customer service?

matchpoints 05-19-2004 09:38 AM

I try to stay away from electric for one main reason. Whenever I have to do onsite stringing, there is nothing more frustrating then looking for an electric outlet. Another thing is that they can cost more to repair if not under warranty.

Besides that, they are all good.

David Pavlich 05-19-2004 12:09 PM


Originally Posted by Salman
What do you think of the FL?
Does the DG have any cons?
How is the customer service?

I don't have any experience with the FL.

The cons on the DG aren't many and they are small in nature. The split drum is a little slow because you have to wrap the string around it and then slip it into the slot. However, I got pretty good at it after enough reps. The tool trays leave a little to be desired. The one under the cradle is almost useless. I stored tools in there that I didn't use much. The reel post could be a little longer. As I've already stated, the clamps are a little cumbersome.

Having said all of that, keep in mind what you would be paying for it. You'd be getting a true CP machine with a very good racquet mounting system. The USRSA just did a test on the Aria, which has the same mounting system as the DG. The mounting system received great reviews from the USRSA.

Customer service is very good. I had but one problem with the DG and John and his crew took good care of me.


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