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Rabbit 05-25-2004 04:26 AM

A while back, I think it was topspin who posted that Spadea was less than friendly on his ride to the Canadian Open. The post indicated that Spadea sat in the back seat and listened to music rather than engaging in polite conversation and that he seemed to have no personality. I hope I have the author right on this one.

Whoever you are, count your lucky stars that Spadea didn't talk much. Did anybody else see the Tennis Channel 30 minute segment on Spadea? The guy is an embarassment. He reminds me of Vanilla Ice with a tennis racket. The salesgirl he was buying the clothes from just wanted him to go away, anywhere, just away. Spadea fancies himself a rapper and continually rapped on camera. It really was pathetic.

@wright 05-25-2004 05:50 AM

Oh no, not again. I am so thankful I missed it the first time and didn't have to see it again this time. Someone please tell him he's Italian.

PureCarlosMoyaDrive 05-25-2004 06:25 PM

My tennis coach said it was hilarious. I can't wait to see it.....

topspin 05-25-2004 10:34 PM

No, don't insult us Italians by saying that Spadea is Italian. He may have an Italian-sounding name but he he is nothing like an Italian.

Yes Rabbit, I was the one that posted about him and driving him last year. I was lucky enough not to talk to him since he had his headphones on and was listening to Eminem tunes and making strange "oooh-ahhhh" type noises with his mouth. I guess he thinks he was rapping along.

He also criticized the ride saying it was too slow. Now if any of you have ever been in downtown Montreal in the summertime during rush hour, you'll know that it's not much fun. The only way I could have got him to his hotel any faster was if the car could fly.

The guy is just well known by all the volunteers as a total *******ed jackass, and I'm not trying to be mean here. There is a story behind why I say that but I'm not sure it's appropriate for me to type it here.

I did see him try to rap once on tv; it's clear he thinks he's some kind of cool rapper.

Deuce 05-26-2004 12:16 AM

I think someone who saw how 'stuck up' he was must have told him a while back that he should "Crap more" - but ol' Vince apparently didn't hear the 'C' in 'Crap'...

If I was dealing with him in any capacity, I'd tell him to his face what an *** he is. I'd make my point quite clearly. I'd get fired, of course, (as honesty is not allowed) - but it would be more than worth it.

irishbanger 05-26-2004 06:42 AM

I've read post like these and didn't believe it. But today they did a segment on him at he French open and I could not believe my ears! What is up with this guy. How many times can you say "ain't no thang" in one interview? What an embarrassment. I hope he looks at this tape when he matures and is ashamed.

@wright 05-26-2004 07:56 AM

LMAO Deuce. Topspin, I just meant that he has cool Italian culture to lean on instead of CRAP music.

katarddx 05-26-2004 08:37 AM


@wright 05-27-2004 01:29 PM

No matter how many times I try to visualize it, I can't see Vince Spadea saying "ain't no thang" once, much less over and over. I kind of wish I'd seen it just to have a good, hearty chuckle.

Colpo 05-27-2004 01:56 PM

Rabbit, I saw the show. What's the saying: "I wanted to turn away, but I just couldn't stop watching!" The real Vinnie as seen on that program is such a far cry from the lunchpail pro he is on the court. Yes, the guy, at 30 years of age, seems obsessed with rap music. His "stage" persona is called Off White, when he raps. He hobnobs with Jon Lovitz in LA (aren't we just the coolest?!) He brags about how much he loves the Cheesecake Factory, dog (no way, they make a chicken breast sandwich with a tasty spread with some spicy kick to it! - unheard of!!) He skat-raps with his coach at his side at the restaurant - the coach's facial expression is a priceless lemme outta here. He shops at over and done with Von Dutch, although I disagree with Rabbit on the salesgirl's interest in Vinster. I think she was interested, but he just didn't know when to kick it into a more serious, less pain in the *** level. She was cute! The worst part is him challenging strangers to 8 Mile style raps. Weird!

Rabbit 05-28-2004 07:07 AM

Colpo - cute she was. Maybe I misread, but when she said "You're a tennis pro?" And then there was that look as if to say "Do I have anything to do?" Maybe she was just embarassed to be on camera, but interested in Vinnie none the less.

Help me out here. I can't remember the exact term Vinnie "Vanilla Icehole" Spadea used when he was on the street. He kept going up to complete strangers and asking them if they wanted to was it "Battle Rap"? That, to me, was the biggest embarassment of the program. Well, that and how bad he was at the "rap thang".

You're right about his coach. The guy was in pain. He was probably thinking "My children are going to see this."

My name is Vince Spade----ahhh
I am a tennis play-ahhh

I think y'all get the drift.

Colpo 05-28-2004 07:29 AM

"Like a gla-dee-a-tahhh..."

That's right, battle rap. I'm sure one sees a lot of that in Santa Monica.

I did get a positive kick out of Spadea reading the paper with that older man and telling him his score from the day before (did I get that right?). Spadea perked up at the idea that he'll battle all day if nec. Probably another 7-5 job in the third, since that's his MO.

We're ranking hard on this guy, but if you've got TTC, watch this episode - it's fun in a dastardly way.

Rabbit 05-28-2004 08:39 AM

You did indeed. He was kinda proud, and rightfully so, of his workman-like attitude on court. Whatever it takes to win, and however long it takes. Spadea is almost Gilbert-like in his resolve to win any way he can.

You're right, it was like a car wreck. You wanted to look away, but somehow you just couldn't. Spade-ahhh wouldn't let you. And he did the gla-de-at-tah thing over and over and over. Now I'm no rap-scholar, but I think a true rapper would take the boy's lunch money.

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