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kentuckytennisdude 02-26-2004 06:39 PM

New Gamma Poly's
I just seen that TW has some new poly's in from Gamma. They are the Gamma Zo Plus, Gamma Zo Power, and Gamma Zo Life. Anybody know anything about these strings or have played with them? The prices are around Luxilon range... Any feedback is appreciated.

!<-_->! 02-26-2004 07:03 PM

Would these new strings that Gamma has out now be the strings that Gamma sent out about 3-5(not sure) months back for people to test?

aceindahole2K5 02-26-2004 07:08 PM

zo power=alu, klip k-boom, things like that.....and idk if they are the strings they sent out, but i tried zo power about 3 months ago from my clubs fischer/gamma rep

wahiawaboi668 02-26-2004 09:22 PM

aceindahole2K5, how did Zo Power compare to ALU Power and Klip K-Boom?

borisboris 02-27-2004 06:30 AM

:evil: ZO POWER = ZERO DURABILITY. My stringer put Zo pwr 16 on my racquet for a free demo. Strung at 55lbs. The damn string lasted less than 3 sets!!!!! It has allot of playbility yet for the price and brief duration I'd purchase a multi or a gut hybred before spending $17. I hit the ball quite hard-doesn't mean it goes in-so it might last longer for others. I use the Kirschbuam Touch Turbo because I'm playing a min. of 10 matches a month + practice so it's essential for a quality economical string.

aceindahole2K5 02-27-2004 02:13 PM

i perfer the k-boom personally, just a unique feel to it.....slightly different........but anyways, cant comment really on durability of k-boom, it snapped on what turned out to be a sheared grommet after maybe 10 hours

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