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Chanchai 07-05-2004 01:20 PM

Best/Worst Title for a Tennis Screenplay ( & Dokic stuff
I figure someone is going to change the title if this actually goes into production... and I can only justify posting this here because it's based on the experience of a real player (though not a "pro" player)... But thought you guys had to see this and either slap your forehead or cringe....


New Line Cinema has purchased the tennis-themed Baby Got Backhand from screenwriter Colleen McGuinness. The pitch is based on McGuinness' personal experience of playing girls high school tennis in Long Island and winning the gold medal at the Empire State Games.

--Excerpt from Jon Wertheim's mailbag this week

To add some pro player relevance to this post... guess I'll pop in the other odd news to make this a bitter-stupid post (first part stupid, this part bitter). Jelena Dokic's father is now accusing her of doping?!


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