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mjcxp 07-12-2004 05:28 PM

Babolat Pure Storm
Tennis Warehouse do you know when you are going to get the new Babolat Pure Storm in stock and do you know the specs of it.

TW Staff 07-13-2004 08:48 AM

There are two versions of the Pure Storm, the Pure Storm Team (98 sq.") and the Pure Storm Midplus (103 sq."). Both should be here in August.

Chris, TW.

Drizzt 07-13-2004 10:19 AM

Are they going to be players or tweener or game improvement racquets?

Drizzt 07-14-2004 11:58 AM

Do you know if the Pure Storm is going to have a new technology or if it will still use the woofer system?

TW Staff 07-14-2004 03:26 PM

I believe the Woofer system is on both racquets. I have not hit with these yet. I would not be surprised if they are more powerful than true player's racquets. However, the truth will be in the hitting.

Chris, TW.

Drizzt 07-14-2004 07:43 PM

Thanks Chris. I was thinking... since it one of the head sizes is 103 sq. inches doesn't that kind of point towards it being more powerful than most players racquets or even being a tweener racquet? Or if it was a players racquet that it was a larger head sized one like the Radical series. Just wondering though.

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