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Ace 03-04-2004 07:55 AM

Women's shorts for tennis
Why is it so hard to find a nice pair of women's shorts that have side-seam pockets?

The Adidas Clima-lite running shorts are the coolest looking, most comfortable shorts in the world, but they have no pockets. I have one pair of Nike shorts that are light weight, look nice, fit nice, and have pockets, and I can't find them anymore. The only shorts I can find that have pockets are very boxy, plain looking, with a manly fit, and have about a 5" inseam.

Sure, I wear a tennis skirt when I play team tennis and I have to, but for practice, nothing beats a pair of shorts where you can stuff about three balls in the pockets.

Adidas....give your Clima-lite shorts pockets! I'll buy out the whole store!

AAAA 03-04-2004 09:33 AM

To be honest in a male dominated world women are under pressure to either dress feminine(skirt) or provocatively(tight Kournikova Adidas shorts). What I do when looking for tennis clothing is sometimes checkup on SQUASH and BADMINTON gear. Some of it can easily be passed off as tennis wear and often costs far less.

SB 03-04-2004 10:45 AM

When I wear shorts for tennis, I just wear a pair of bike short/compression brief things under them and stuff the balls in there. I think it's easier to pull them out of there, plus I hate having balls bounce around in my pocket when I run. (That came out really wrong, but oh well.)

And since the undershorts are stretchy, you can stick 5 or 6 balls in there!

Ace 03-04-2004 11:44 AM

The whole tight shorts/ball pocket thing
I know most people don't feel the same way, but

1. The thought of those tennis balls touching somebody's nasty sweaty skin against their leg disgusts me.

2. I can't stand reaching up my skirt/shorts to grab a ball or put the ball in, it takes longer. I can't stand waiting for the other girl on the court to reach up her skirt/shorts to grab the ball or put the ball in.

I know...I'm mental....

SB 03-04-2004 11:51 AM

That's funny! Because when I think about it, sweaty hands are far worse than sweaty legs. People wipe their faces and noses with their hands, and scratch, and other stuff. I'd rather deal with the outside of someone's leg. (Not that it's an either/or proposition; you have to deal with both the leg and the hand. But the hand is worse than the leg, to me.)

And for me, it takes far less time to reach under my shorts than to dig in my pocket.

To each his (her) own .... :D

Anyway, have you tried some of the non-tennis athletic catalogs, like Athleta or Title 9 or REI? THey have nice stuff, and a decent variety. I also buy shorts at Target, for cheap knockoffs. But they probably don't have pockets.

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