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illuminati817 07-18-2004 12:13 PM

anyonek know what kinda overgrip federer uses?
I've always seen him use that white one, back with the t90 and now with the nCode tour, anyone know what it is?

Power Game 07-18-2004 12:35 PM

Wilson pro overgrip. Great overgrip by the way

jings 07-18-2004 06:09 PM

It's actually Tournagrip with Wilson Pro Overgrip paintjob

dantyem108 07-18-2004 06:47 PM


illuminati817 07-18-2004 10:57 PM

that seems kinda silly, wilson never seemed to have a problem with sampras using tournas.

So finally, it's the wilson pro overgrip right?

Chanchai 07-19-2004 01:03 AM

Yeah, it's the Wilson Pro Overgrip. And that other guy was kidding (thought that was hilarious :lol: ).

Also, the Wilson Pro Overgrip is still my overgrip of choice--really soft, really tacky, I'd almost say it has a "warm" feeling. But I should start trying more alternatives soon (used to use tournagrip, what a grip, and even tried a couple others, can't remember).


dantyem108 07-19-2004 06:02 AM


bsandy 07-19-2004 06:37 AM

I'm not sure I'd use a white overgrip, unless someone else was paying . . . Bud

dantyem108 07-19-2004 06:52 AM

to be honest, white overgrips are the best because they stay tackier for longer, the only reason you think they don't last as long as other colors is because you can't see the dirt on the others.

bsandy 07-19-2004 06:57 AM

Why would a white overgrip, stay tackier, longer ?

. . . and . . .

Not so much worried about the dirt on it, more worried about it looking like crap, sooner.

. . . Bud

Tim Tiger Henman 07-19-2004 06:59 AM

Agree with bsandy!

dantyem108 07-19-2004 06:59 AM

the white color deflects more sunlight


why does it matter what it looks like?


bsandy 07-19-2004 07:06 AM

You're Kidding, right ? Not much sunlight getting to where I'm holding the racquet.

. . . and . . .

You're Kidding, right ? I'd rather just have a blue one that doesn't show my hand oil (and the dirt it picks up) all over it.

. . . Bud

@wright 07-19-2004 07:28 AM

I just tried Wilson super thin overgrip and I like it even better than pro overgrip. It is extremely tacky and isn't too bad at wicking moisture. It seems to last a pretty long time compared to pro overgrip also.

Chanchai 07-19-2004 08:15 AM

I'll have to give those super thins a try... Currently, the pro overgrip is my fav, but I do replace it faster than I've replaced most other grips. But I love the feel of it and it's fairly cheap (but so are almost all other overgrips).

BTW, haven't found it on TW. Nor have I seen it at any of the local retailers (not that I know of anyways). Any recommendations on where to order some of these?


dantyem108 07-19-2004 09:06 AM


Kick Serve 07-19-2004 10:13 AM

Wow, don't you people ever wash your hands. I play with Yonex SuperGrap in white. Sure, it starts looking a little dingy right before I'm ready to change it, but nothing too hideous. I guess if I refused to change it for an extended period of time it would start looking pretty bad. But who wants to keep an old sweaty, smelly grip on their racquet for months at a time. You guys do change your underwear on occasion, right? Seriously, I use my grip for about three matches, then off it comes. At $2.99 for a package of three why not? BTW, SuperGrap comes in a bunch of different colors but I like using the white because it looks good on my Volkl Tour 10's.

bsandy 07-19-2004 10:33 AM

I just know what my Tourna Grips look like after a week (8-12 hrs), and I can't imagine it white.

. . . Bud

Nikeman0092 07-19-2004 10:51 AM

I've heard a lot about the Wilson Ultra thin overgrips. I heard you could use both sides of them or something.

sorkang724 07-19-2004 11:53 AM

forget the PRO OVERGRIP and TOURNAGRIP !!!

you gotta use TOURNA HIGH-TEK ! best overgrip money can buy... 8)

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