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sseemiller 03-04-2004 10:08 PM

Do you want Indian Wells Reports?
We have a big group at IW, and we'll be posting daily reports. If you guys like, I can have them posted here. Warning: they will be long. :lol:

But they won't be all about Roddick or Nadal. In fact, I'm rooming with a Flipper fan, and I'm hanging out with people who have websites for Safin, Clement, Gambill and others. We are a diverse group. But we get along great. :lol:

The reports will just be a stream of consciousness about our day. But I won't have time to post them myself. We'll post them onto another site. But if you want I can ask someone to post the reports here, if you are interested.

We will have lots of off-court stuff to report as well as on-court. We are staying at the players' hotel, etc. It's up to you, really. So just say yes or no. Doesn't matter either way. Just need to assess the interest. Don't want to waste anyone's time.


Shaolin 03-04-2004 10:15 PM

Definaely Susan. Esp. inside or off court stuff we wouldnt read about elsewhere.

tykrum 03-04-2004 10:31 PM

Susan, I am also going to be at Indian Wells. Where is the player's hotel? I'm sure I'm not staying there, but I am curious. Also any other tips to make my trip there more enjoyable would be great. Thanks,

sseemiller 03-04-2004 10:35 PM

Tyler, please e-mail me at I can give you more info. Would be nice to meet up.

The players' hotel is the Esmerelda. It's no secret. It's been publicized for years. :lol:

Anyway, yes, we will be giving on-court and off-court info. But it tends to be long, as I said. So just vote on whether you want the info. And if some people do, I'll ask someone to post it here.

Or I can just let you know the URL where you can view the reports if you are interested. That may be a better alternative. Don't want to clutter up the Board with stuff that is of minimal interest. :lol:


jayserinos99 03-04-2004 11:02 PM

Good stuff Susan. Keep up the good work and have fun out there!

gustavo33 03-05-2004 01:53 AM

racquetes specs!!!!!!!!!

Petra Martinnen 03-05-2004 07:02 AM

More stuff but not the same stuff on same players. On TV we hear Kim has a famous soccer player dad. Zzzzz. We will learn about her relation to Henin. Zzzz. There are dozens of guys and gals we never hear about and never see play. So SSm give us deeper coverage if you can. No need to know what brand of undergarment Moya uses or Fererro's breakfast servings.

Fee 03-05-2004 09:27 AM

Make sure you have good sunscreen (look in the active ingredients for Parsol 1789 or Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide) and put it on BEFORE you get dressed and leave your hotel room.

I'm staying at the Embassy Suites, and I'm pretty sure some of the players (lower ranked) are staying there because they prefer to be off the beaten path a little.

Have fun.

@wright 03-05-2004 09:41 AM

Si senorita. Nuevas muchas.

sseemiller 03-05-2004 01:19 PM

Ooops. Sorry for the extra post.

sseemiller 03-05-2004 01:32 PM

Okay, I guess there's enough interest, so someone will post links to the reports.

We'll try to get some scoop on little known, Petra, but generally our reports are kind of musings about our day. We usually go back to the hotel, grab a glass of wine, and sort of do a cooperative report (and generally attempt to make it amusing). So there likely will be reports about breakfast stuff -- i.e., who sitting with who, what they were wearing etc., who we got stuck in the elevator with, etc. And then we usually comment on the matches we've seen that day. We tend to split up and go see our faves. If Nadal or Moya is playing, I'll be there, and not watching some unknowns on Court 4. But IW has an annoying habit of always scheduling my faves to play at the same time, so sometimes I do end up on Court 4 watching unknowns. I particularly like to catch doubles play, so I may have some comments about that. And I likely will have some Crazy Lou stories.

Okay, off to pick up the kids! Take care. And I can't wait to see you, Fee. :mrgreen: Hope you are bringing the bail money. We may need it on Saturday night. :wink: (And don't worry, Mom, I'll bring my sunscreen. :wink:)


Fee 03-05-2004 04:54 PM

I am not in charge of bail money for this trip! I'm the one without a job remember? I'm the designated driver this time (or one of them anyway).

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