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Thanks for all the advice gentlemen. I'll start trying to come to the net more in doubles....although it is seriously against my religion . At least that way I don't have quiet as much of the court to cover and I can really focus on my footwork as you mention.

It seems as though when I get ready to volley, I always remember hearing this pro tell someone that you should have a very stiff wrist. It seems when I try to create that stiff wrist, I really tense up and the racquet head is even more unstable.

Do you know of any reason for this or if indeed you are supposed to have a very firm wrist?


I don't know if they're lucky to have me or not.....I kind of didn't restrain myself after a little extra ribbings from Phil on another part of this board. After being call a sandbagger and a sucker by him I had to let off a little steam.

Thanks again for all your help. I'll try and work on my foot movement, watching the ball, and getting to the net more in doubles.

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