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Originally Posted by laurie
By the way, I disgaree with you (ah, the beauty of opinions). I've seen both players live and Federer is as smooth as Sampras, Sampras is as smooth as Federer. There is no question in my mind about that. It's easy to say Federer is smoother because he's still playing and Sampras is retired, so we can't see a 25 year old Sampras in real life and make a comparison.
People who say Sampras is a grinder doesn't deserve a response.

I said Sampras is not as smooth and graceful as Federer, not just smooth itself. Well if you think otherwise, there is not much I can say. Both of them are smooth and graceful compare to other players. But if you just compare the two, I see a difference.

I still watch Sampras on tape a lot right now. I don't forget about how Sampras plays.
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