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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy
gee, maybe because he's one of the greatest players of all time(who went 82-3 in 1984, highest win % of the open era), who played when tennis was at its peak of popularity. If it wasn't for Mac, Connors, Borg, tennis on tv may have never caught on, worldwide.

If Mac didn't play on the senior tour, I'm not sure it would exist. Who the hell wants to see Todd Martin, Ferreira, Bruguera, Courier & Co play each other?
Mac is the only all time great on the senior tour & they should do everything they can to keep him playing.
i've never seen any statistics that show mac's behavior ever did anything for tennis. mac arrived when tennis popularity was already near its peak. mac just looks like a poor, tormented soul, who just has to win. i think good tennis would help the seniors tour more.

but i admired mac for at least giving 100%, unlike martin who looked he was just playing a match at the club.
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