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Originally Posted by newnuse
McEnroe and his antics is good for the game. You might not like him, but to say otherwise is silly. He's easily one of the most popular/infamous figure in recent tennis memory. I don't think there is any debate about that.

The guy was like a rock star in his days. Never heard anybody ever accused him of being borig and bad for the game as a result. Never heard anybody ever question his drawing power either. Tennis needs the bad boys, just like it needs the nice guys.... and Mac was the baddest of the bad
Let him be bad in his personal life and splash it all over the news. Like Andre with Brooke Shields, Newk with his parties, etc etc. Remember Dennis Rodman? But this guy takes it out on the umpire and linesmen. Not to mention the opposing player. He is/was always a disgrace to the game. Tennis is not a contact sport or team sport where someone could claim to be swept away and punch someone in the heat of the moment. Nor is this guy one of the high testosterone boxers who just lose it. He is a whiney skinny guy who is just used to having his way.
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