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There's no right or wrong answer. My personal feeling with McEnroe is that he's a guy who needs to get jumped in a back alley once. McEnroe's a guy who's never TRULY experienced life on the rocks, and yet to hear him talk, he sounds like this deep individual who knows about "real" life, as if he were a gritty individual. YET, he's a guy who because of his talent, because he grew up affluent, etc. has never had to really face what other "tough guy" personalities need to face, have faced, to "ground" them and give them some REAL perspective. As they say, everyone needs a good shot to the nose at least once in their life.

Now with that said, McEnroe's temper is a HUGE attraction for the average fan. He's THE marquee name for the seniors tour and every tournament wants him because of it, he fills the seats. With McEnroe you get the possibility of a spectacle, a genius, and train wreck all-in-one. This thread alone proves that he gets people TALKING about him, DEBATING him, that means profit in the end, and ultimately that's the bottom-line.

No right or wrong answer, it just is. One of the funniest things I've ever seen in tennis is when Henri Leconte finally got fed up with Mac's antics and ran and jumped the net and confronted Mac face to face, Mac was generally shocked, and didn't know what to all bullies, he piped down when faced suddenly wtih the "bigger" man, BOTH figuratively and literally.
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