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Tommy never made it to the AO final, his best was the semis. He is one of my favorite players and I was so dissapointed in 2002 when he fought through all those 5 setters, and then after going up 2 sets to 1 on a bit of a shaky Safin in the semis during a break his shoulder injury stiffened and he had all kinds of trouble playing upon returning and Safin was all of the sudden on fire as well. He lost in 5 sets and then Safin blew that final with Johansson. I so would have loved to see Haas win that title.

Except for Roger I pick favorite athletes in every sport that never win however, I guess I just like cheering for the underdogs however. Haas was always an underdog type contender so I liked to cheer for him.

Anyway the best not to even make it past a quarterfinal is definitely Blake. The best to not make it past a semi is definitely Haas for me, even if Ljubicic is a better player now, best over a whole career is Haas.
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