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Originally Posted by dewey2110
Not that I contributed anything to this thread, but I think it would be nice if people can post some high quality videos through rapid share, torrent, or something like that. We all can find videos from youtube, where you can hardly see the ball...just a thought.
Totally agree.
What makes the MTF video thread so great are all the torrents that people are constantly making of the latest (and classic) matches, so that you can actually download and watch whole, good quality full length matches.
For example I recently watched Roddick vs Federer 2003 Wimbledon semifinal, in full wide-screen on my computer.
Like you say, youtube videos are ok but everything is so small, and you can find whatever you want yourself just by using the search option.
No disrespect intended to the people contributing to this thread, it's great, but it could be even greater.
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