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Originally Posted by HyperHorse
well... Yale i hear is a real snobby stuck up rich kids we're too good for the rest of the world ivy league college.
And i saw the guy split a pile of bricks right down the middle. I dont see many ppl do that every day.
I think i know which one to believe. Even though that serve didnt quite look 140mph, looked pretty impressive...
Might have a better chance of guessing the speed if u could see the ball travel.
You could break a pile of bricks like that, with enough time spent training to do it. It's not really a matter of strength, so much as it is technique. The trick is that the bricks aren't very flexible, so if you hit them right, the transfer of energy will force them to crack, since they have no other way of absorbing it. The energy then transfers to each of the bricks in the stack. A stack of something else, like bones, would be very difficult to break in this manner.

As far as the tennis goes, I agree with you. Definitely a very solid player. The serve looked fast, but exactly how fast is just about impossible to tell. It's pretty rare to be able to hit 140, though.
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