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Originally Posted by alan-n
Concerning Roger's old tour 90, wasn't Roger's only slam on that racquet or paint job just his 1st Wimbledon?

I can definitely picture Roger changing racquet setups (thickness, headsize, weight) once again that year when he or Mirka gave Peter the pink slip and he didn't live up to expectations at the other majors that year. When things aren't working, even at the pro level, yes equipment changes are at the top of the list.

Anyways I don't doubt that Greg has Federer's actual playing racquet, I doubt that it has been leaded to what Federer plays with which changes anyways.

Its the never ending discussion until someone like Nate Ferguson confirms his setup I suppose.

The racket The Animal has is that racket, and as you can see it is indeed total custom, has his sig as his racket always does, but we are not understanding the balance.

What other players in the past have had success with an even balance? One thing to note is that this racket would IMO be amazingly stable and able to take antying at all that was thrown at it.

With The Animal info the Roger SW range would be 350-360 from what I can tell, Perhaps this is a setup c) for grass?

Or just a past setup and as you said only used once?
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