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Originally Posted by alan-n
Are you referring to the racquet mold or the handle area? Its not uncommon for racquets to be sent to racquet technicians such as Nate Ferguson etc to mold a custom handle. So far all the current pics of Federer's actual NCode and the one that was sent to Greg looks like it came off the same racquet mold as the off the shelf 6.1 Tour 90.

Roger's racket is 88sqin, string patter is different, and pallet is different which can not be customized to have that shape, it would have to be originally molded that way. IE you can not make a stock n6.190 into Roger's racket, end of story.

It is just plain silly that people believe this BS, when the n90 was made by and for Roger, further more it makes no sense that they would not sell the exact same racket if it has the exact same specs, finally Roger him self said that Priority 1 customizes his rackets with different weights and Priority one confirmed this all of which I have sited the original text in the links.

So this is not up for debate as it is confirmed 100% fact
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