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Originally Posted by ART ART
So, this has got even better!
I only check Fed's racket once at Paris, the other time I could only see what was labelled on the wilson bags.
But right now, I am not in Madrid but a friend of mine sent me a message with Fed's Racket specs there, with overgrip, power pads and string, so here it goes:
Weight: 368grams, Balance: 31,2cm, Strung at 23/21 Kilos, acording to this friend of mine that work there. Sorry but don't ask me his name or function there.
Has we can see, he changes his setup deppending the surface. This makes a lot of sence.
Hope I can get more info.

Thank you ART, is there anyway we can get a SW measurment, also do you know what the USO and Wimb. specs are?
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