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Originally Posted by jackson vile
Are you sure about that? Seems too high, if all the weight was put into the head it would make it more HH, and 31.2 shows that it actually got more head light.

Can you show your math?

I believe that GR racket is the base racket that Roger uses, same for his JB racket.
If I am going to assume that these specs by ART ART are correct (they seem very plausible), then I must also assume that the GR is NOT the base racquet. At least not without weight removed from the handle first. If you take the GR racquet and add 8 grams centered at 5.5" from the butt to reach these specs, you end up with a very crappy racquet by pro standards. And it would also be way overpowered for a pro at the low tension that Roger uses.

But a 13-oz racquet with 31.2cm balance and 375 SW feels sweet, spinny and fluid at low tension. And it serves bombs with ease.
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