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Originally Posted by jackson vile
Roger's racket is 88sqin, string patter is different, and pallet is different which can not be customized to have that shape, it would have to be originally molded that way. IE you can not make a stock n6.190 into Roger's racket, end of story.

It is just plain silly that people believe this BS, when the n90 was made by and for Roger, further more it makes no sense that they would not sell the exact same racket if it has the exact same specs, finally Roger him self said that Priority 1 customizes his rackets with different weights and Priority one confirmed this all of which I have sited the original text in the links.

So this is not up for debate as it is confirmed 100% fact
The head size is up for debate since NO ONE with Roger's current setup with the NCode paint job has confirmed that it is smaller than the off the shelf NCode. So far its been nothing but urban legend about the 88 size. I haven't seen one single photo of Roger's and the off the shelf NCode that indicates one is larger than the other... its not hard to measure both.

So basically what your saying is that Greg the Federer racquet that Greg got is a fake? Hmm, Federer didn't have much success with the original Tour 90 formula and a lot of changes took place that year before he went on that 3/4 slam run the following year.
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