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Originally Posted by ART ART
This morning Federer was with a couple of friends at the court, his rackets ware strung by the morning, and the specs are right. About sw I cannot tell you since it was not checked, but from my calcules it is around 360 to 370, another funny thing is that 2 or 3 players play with his racket but only for 5 to 10 minutes, then a guy from wilson or so, came and ask for the rackets! This was what my friend tell me, it seems that they don't want the rackets to be tested by anyone.
If this is correct I believe that the rackets sent by wilson to Greg, saying that thoses are the real Federer's rackets, it would not be truth, maybe something similar but not the real setup that Federer is using.
According to my friend theres a lot of secrets about his rackets and even talking with the Fed's team, they don't want anyone to know the truth.
They just keep saying: "...that's closer to what you can get in stores...".
Marketing is the key, not the truth about it
Why don't one your friends break out a caliper and measure the beam width, head size, etc and that will settle it once and for all. That doesn't take but 1 minute and no one will notice. So far all this is just adding to more mis-information on Federer's head size and beam width. Why would a racquet manufacturer develop an 88 mold and a 90 mold to introduce the same racquet... They done paint jobs of old molds to resemble ones sold but not these 88/90 claims of the tour 90.

Really break out the calipers and just measure it.

its just courtesy to the pro player that their racquets not be taken out to the court by technicians. What does asking for the the players racquet taken out to the courts without permission have to do with secrecy? Say you took your modded car to a shop to replace your tires, and they decided to take your car for their own performance testing.....
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