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Originally Posted by Defcon
Its hard to believe, but Nadal is becoming more irritating day by day. I watched some of the match against Berdych today, and he's expanded his routine - now its pulling up both socks, the butt-pick, smooth the hair, look about, bounce the ball about 10 times, then sloooowly serve.

Its approaching Mary Pierce levels of absurdness. The commentators called him on his time wasting a number of times and he got a time violation for delaying while receiving serve.
That in particular annoyed me as I haven't seen him do this before!
He stands there looking ready to recieve, but then looks up holds his hands up and shakes his head as to say: "No, No Mr.! I'm still not ready to recieve wait another few seconds, now will you?!"
I mean WTH!
I would be really ****ed off, I'm surprised how well Berdych responded to Nadal and the hostile crowd throughout the match. Nice composure!
Really, I must say today Nadal behaved really bad - during AND after the nmatch!
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