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Originally Posted by sureshs
Didn't see the match. Please expand on the after match behavior.
Suresh - Nadal had a hunted look about him throughout the match and was thoroughly outplayed by Berdych. Rafa started resorting to inordinate time-delaying tactics (more than usual), even when Berdych was serving, and received a warning from the chair ump in the process. He was celebrating Berdych's errors big-time. He got the crowd into the fray bigtime and the crowd started cheering Berdych's faults and booing his winners. I thought Berdych handled the rowdy partisan crowd very well and when he won, he put a finger to his lips gesticulating to the crowd to shush. As he came to the net to shake Nadal's hand, Rafa said something to him to which Berdych did a double take and looked startled. They exchanged a few words before retiring to their respective corners. It was a great match and well fought and the better player won. I daresay that Nadal came across as a sore loser; I believe his head-to-head against Berdych is 1-3; Berdych seems to have Rafa's #.
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