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Originally Posted by Defcon
Thats a great interview - good on Berdych for telling it like it is and basically telling Nadal, the spanish crowd and the media to STFU. I've lost what little respect I had for Nadal after this - topspinmonkey can go choke on a banana.

If any other player, and esp Federer, had behaved like this, the media would roast them alive. But I guess since muscle-boy pulls in the teenage fans with his biceps and antics and gets the ratings, we won't hear anything. From the media or officials.
Good point. We also wont hear anything on these boards. I think it's funny that when Roger says, "I think I am the favorite to win here," he's the biggest jerk in the country, but Nadal can say, "you are very bad" to a player at the net after a loss and he's a friggin saint.
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