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Originally Posted by Feņa14
You mean him telling them to be quiet after the crowed had cheered his errors and boo'd him for challenging calls with hawk eye? This isn't Davis Cup here, you can't go round behaving like that just because your home player is getting spanked.

That's what happened before the incident. 90% of the people here admit Nadal was wrong for saying what he did at the net and after the match, and the other 10% are fan boys who know he was wrong but just don't want to admit it.

If that's how Madrid feel about players other than their own then maybe the tournament should be relocated to another Country where the players shall be treated better. Nadal can go and play by himself in Madrid every October, it's pretty clear that the Spanish fans only have eyes for him.

I'll say it before and i'll say it again. Spanish audiences are more than willing to give it out, but when someone tells them the right thing to do they can't deal with it, and neither can Nadal by the looks of it. 7,001 sore losers in that stadium today, and 1 winner, not just for winning the match but for standing up for himself. You would like to think that the Spaniards will learn from this and take a long hard look at themselves but I doubt they will. Ah well, at least people got another glimpse at the real Nadal today.

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