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Originally Posted by Morpheus
The more you play the better feel you have for your level. I view the ratings as "broad bands." Some 4.0s are really good and should be able to beat low end 4.5s at times, while other 4.0s are still competitive with high end 3.5s. Just pick a number that makes you competitive in the league you are in.
Yeah - I normally play in a league more suitable for my capabilities.
[I normally lose, but I can atleast put up a fight ]

Anyway, I just couldn't miss the opportunity to participate in the
(veterans) national championships now that it was arranged
here in "my" town.

[And based on what I saw on the other courts - I would have had
a pretty good chance to advance into the second round if I had
have a little better luck with the draw (instead of being drawn to play
one of the top-seeded players .
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