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Originally Posted by AJK1
If you read Technical Tennis you'll discover that all they do is stop string ping, they don't dampen. They also stop a strings natural vibration, which is why Federer dosen't use one. It's a myth that has been around for years. The best dampener is your hand, believe it or not. And IMO, those string dampeners you speak of look horrendous. What a gimmick.
Hey, I never said what sort of vibrations I wanted dampened. You're assuming that I want to achieve dampened frame vibrations, when all I want is to convert an annoying high frequency 'ping' from a tensely strung frame into a nice 'thump'. Rubberbands don't adequately dampen the ping for me, that puts them out of contention. The fact that they are fugly is the fatality.

I suspect Federer's power pads have an effect on his natural string vibration. And I seriously doubt natural string vibration has any effect on play, because it occurs after the hit. And besides, unless Federer can stand beside me while I play and make some sort of white noise to drown out the annoying ping, I can care less what he uses .

And why does the Silencer look like a gimmick? It's just a bigger, black rubber band. And it costs a WHOLE 3 DOLLARS. I'm normally a utilitarian sort of dude, but c'mon, I'll splurge myself on the dampener. No offense, but my honest to god first response when I see rubberbands on a fancy racquet is "Tacky. Agassi wannabe." It's irrational for me to do so, but I'm an aesthete I guess.
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