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Well, do you know which version of windows media player you have?

Also, Chadwixx posted this a couple of weeks ago. If I can just quote him

"Use vlcmedia player. Its a codecless player that will play anything. That or throw the file into gspot (if its avi) and see which codec you need"

Because this is my site, as opposed to youtube, I'm able to make clips that can be seen on a full screen. The downside to this is that I'm not in control of other people's pcs and how often they update their settings. However, it seems 90% of people who log onto the site can see the clips. I also mpeg 2 instead of mpeg 1. Hopefully you can get to see them if you make a few tweaks.

Another thing I like to do is make clips that are five minutes long which means the megabites count goes up. With fast broadband they don't take long to download these days. I usually do around 12 to 15 clips per match with all the key moments, and the game for the match, so basically I break a match up into sequences and put it on the web for people to see. I also like to put great matches from the past on there too.
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