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Default Eagnas Stringing Machines

I have been in the market for an electric stringing machine a few months ago. I looked at the Eagnas because of their ad in multiple tennis magazines so I figured I would investigate it more. After reading reviews on multiple sites, some good most bad, I decided to bite the bullet and give them a shot since they are located somewhat close to me (I'm in Arizona they are in California).

After talking to a fellow stringer, they purchased a stand up 800 series but it was DOA. I thought to myself, there is bound to be one bad in a bunch. So to get more information on the product I wanted, I called Eagnas. I was met with some of the most rudest and impatient people I have ever encountered. It was the typical "you like you buy" attitude. They were not interested in answering any of my questions. They stated that it was a warehouse and if you like you buy. I was hesitant at first but after talking to them more, I would have hated to get ANY support from these people. I visited this link on their website:

Wow, its a wonder that this company is still in business but I guess they just want to move volume and provide no assistance. No thanks, i'll save my money. Just had to vent!!
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