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Originally Posted by Amone
The fourth whited-out box in that section, labeled 'Weight 1 Mass,' you can enter just about any number lower than the total added mass in grams. If you're not sure how much mass you're adding the spreadsheet provides you with that piece of information. What this is, is the amount of weight to add at the first spot, or 'location 1.'

If either value for 'weight location' comes out as greater than the total length of your racquet, you need to modify your input 'Weight 1 Mass.'

Amone, so make this simple for me, in plain English.
Where on the racquet is Weight 1 Location? (Like, how many inches up from the end of buttcap is it? Is Weight 1 Location on the handle?, on the throat?) ... Same question for Weight 2 Location...

Once I locate on the racquet where Weight 1 and 2 Locations are, I am suppose to add Weight 1 Mass amount of lead tape (in grams, I assume) to this point?

So confused.
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