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Default Local team leagues

Over a few years of talking to folks at camps and while traveling I've run across some interesting local leagues. For instance, I've heard of leagues in Colorado that are combo/mixed. So you play teams of mixed doubles, but the players add up to 6.5 or 7.5. I think, but I'm not sure, that the women had to be equal or higher rated than the man. This would make for much different matches than the 6.0/7.0/8.0 mixed, as all the players on the court would be close(r) to equal in playing ability.

Ladies from San Diego were telling me of a local league that didn't really use USTA ratings, but rather you played some number of weeks, and if you won 75% of your games you moved up, if you lost 25% you moved down. And then the league would start up again. It sounded like there were matches year round.

A local ladies league we have around here is interclub. The club captains set up schedules with other clubs for bringing 4 teams of doubles for play, followed by lunch. There are different levels of teams, my local club plays three levels, A2(3.5/4.0) B1(3.0/3.5) and B2(3.0/2.5). Other clubs also have C and A1 levels. There are no standings kept, and the captains consider it a badge of honor if they show up with 8 ladies and have the matches on all four courts go to three sets. It's considered a failure if you bring teams that are so mismatched some ladies get blown out. But by the end of lunch everyone forgets the scores.

What kind of local leagues are there out there in other areas?
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