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To add to my last reply...

Creating and running a team can be pretty demanding. Getting enough players for a 3.5 team is often a challenge; you will need more than you think. You will be surprised how many conflicts there are throughout the season where much of your team just can't (or won't) play. A good rule of thumb is to have twice as many players on the team as you need for a match. Since adult 3.5 leagues play 3 doubles and 2 singles, you will need eight for each match, and thus 15-16 on your team.

And be prepared for the politics of captaining a team. You will need to choose who plays, and with whom, and at what position. And the players on your team will often disagree with your decisions...

But all this can be offset by the satisfaction of leading a great group of guys into battle against the other teams in your area, and kicking their butts! There's also some instant status and respect when you captain a team, which can be a good springboard into your local tennis community.

Just some food for thought...
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